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Creating Colorful Sapphire Jewelry Sets

A person who owns one of the colorful sapphire jewelry sets must see the sky from a whole new perspective. The gemstones in such colorful sapphire jewelry sets display each of the varied colors found in the sky. An artist might want to invest in such a set. Then, when painting a landscape with a sky, the artist could "consult" his or her jewelry set. The artist might want to put tiny labels on various sapphires. The artist could, for example, put the word "bottom of sky" on a purple sapphire gemstone. That would remind the artist that the sky looks purple at the point where it touches the horizon.

According to an ancient Persian legend, the blue in the sky reflects the blue in a blue sapphire gemstone. When Persian poets made use of that metaphor, they no doubt acknowledged the existence of sapphires that do not have a blue hue. At the same time, a poet would certainly recall the many colors that one can sometimes find in the sky.

At sunset, a sky can have the red and orange colors of a flame. At twilight, a sky can appear violet. On a day when clouds block out the sun, the weather is described as "overcast," and the sky is a cross between white and light gray. Any of those colors might be found in one of the colorful sapphire jewelry sets.

A jeweler might consider such colorful sapphire jewelry sets to be "fancy" jewelry. That is because sapphire gemstones that have a hue other than blue are often referred to as "fancy." Jewelers might have used that term because they had some insight into the procedure that is used to change a sapphire to a color other than blue.
In the past, jewelers employed a heat treatment when they wanted a sapphire gemstone to be a color that did not resemble the color of a clear and cloudless sky. In the past, most jewelers making colorful sapphire jewelry sets gave little thought to the process by which the sapphires had been given their color. Still, one thinking man somewhere did ponder on the possibility of using an alternate color-creation process.

That man developed the process called diffusion. Today, a jeweler using colored sapphires often selects from sapphires that got their color from the diffusion process. Jewelers have welcomed the introduction of this new process. A colored sapphire made by the diffusion process costs less than any of the natural and rather rare colored sapphires. The diffusion process is also less costly than the heat treatment used in the past.

During the diffusion process, beryllium or a similar element is diffused into a sapphire gemstone. As that element diffuses into a sapphire, usually one that has a pale color, it transforms the sapphire into a gemstone with a rich and beautiful color. Any of the sapphires created by the diffusion process might be selected by jewelers, and any of those jewelers might be creating one of the sapphire jewelry sets.

Not every jeweler makes the same sort of jewelry set, when using colorful sapphire gemstones. Such a set might contain a bracelet, earrings and ring. Dita Von Tess wore such a set at the Oscars in 2008. At that same event, Kate Hudson wore a different sort of jewelry set. She wore a set of clunky rings. A skillful jeweler could put colorful sapphires in the pieces that make up either of those sets.

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